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  • Keep your new tattoo covered for about 3 hours. You may notice blood, ink seepage, ink smudging, or sweat buildup while it is covered. This is completely normal. Do not uncover your tattoo.

  • After 3 hours, remove the bandage gently and wash with warm water and mild soap. DO NOT REBANDAGE. Pat your tattoo dry with a clean paper towel. Allow to air dry for approx. 30 mins.

  • Apply a thin layer of Aquaphor, A&D Ointment, or the like 3 times a day for the next 3 days. After 3 days, use an unscented hand lotion like Lubriderm or Curel, until your skin returns to its pre-tattoo condition.

  • Stay out of sunlight and tanning booths until the tattoo is healed, at least 7-10 days.

  • Do not soak your new tattoo in a bathtub, sauna, or jacuzzi, or go swimming while your new tattoo is healing. Showers are fine.

  • DO NOT RUB or PICK the treated area while it is healing. Loss of color and/or infection could occur.

  • Extreme sun and exposure over the years can and will fade your tattoo. This can be minimized by using a strong sunscreen, at least SPF 25.

  • Your tattoo should heal in about two weeks. Consult a physician if any signs or symptoms develop such as redness at the site, green/yellow discharge (foul smelling), and/or fever.

  • Do not listen to your friends about the healing process of tattoos!

  • If you have any questions, contact your artist!

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