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Are your ready to show off your best ink? Throughout the weekend of Akron's 2023 Rubber City Tattoo Invitational, we will have several tattoo contests that anyone can enter. 

You do NOT have to get your tattoo at Akron's 2023 Rubber City Tattoo Invitational in order to be eligible to enter a contest UNLESS you are entering any of the Tattoo of The Day or Best in Show competitions. All contests are $10 to enter (cash only) and, unless marked with an asterisk, will have awards for first, second, and third place winners.  Here is the most up-to-date list of contests.  Have a contest you want to enter but don't see listed? Contact us and tell us!

  • Best Traditional
  • Best Biomech
  • Best Ohio-Themed
  • Best Sports-Themed
  • Best Black and Grey (Small)
  • Best Black and Grey (Large)
  • Best Color (Small)
  • Best Color (Large)
  • Best Portrait (Black and Grey)
  • Best Portrait (Color)
  • Best Lettering
  • Worst Tattoo*
  • Best Neo-Traditional
  • Best Anime
  • Best Star Wars
  • Best Super Hero 
  • Best Sleeve
  • Best Back/Chest
  • Best Overall*
  • Best Flash
  • Tattoo of the Day (Color)
  • Tattoo of the Day (Black and Grey)
  • Best in Show*

Star Wars Best Tattoo Akron Rubber City Tattoo Invitational.HEIC
Rubber City Tattoo Invitational Jesse yunker Akron Ohio.JPG
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